Current Promotions

AAMA are committed to providing the best learning environment and opportunities for our students. To facilitate this commitment, we have introduced several ongoing special offers for our new students. Keep an eye on this page for new martial arts courses, learning opportunities, martial arts beginner programs for kids, self-defence courses and special joining offers across our martial arts training systems. 

Our special offers:

  • 10-session Kick-start packages available for starting Kidz Karate (5-9 years) and Zen Do Kai - Freestyle Karate (10-14 years) including a free karate uniform
  • 5-week Women's Self Defence courses (tailored Krav Maga street defence program for Women) - $120
  • 4-week Kidz Karate Beginner Courses including a free Karate Uniform - $95
  • 4-week Muay Thai Kickboxing training pass including a free pair of 16oz boxing gloves (while stocks last) - $120
  • 4-week Krav Maga training pass including a free Krav Maga training shirt - $120
  • 4-week Filipino Martial Arts: Eskrima training pass including a free pair of Eskrima sticks - $125

Kick-Start Packages

Our Kick-Start Packages provide new members of all ages with the opportunity to try out martial arts training for the first time. Starter packages are available for our Karate programs with Beginner Courses also available in Kidz Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Krav Maga Self Defence for Women. Our Kickstart Packages are designed to give basic understanding and introduction to martial arts skill sets, in preparation for moving into our ongoing martial arts classes.

Our Kidz Karate and Zen Do Kai Kickstart packages enable new participants to start karate classes at any time throughout the year. 


Kickstart - Kidz Karate: Includes the first 10 karate classes for children aged 5-9 and a full karate uniform to start out! 

Kickstart - Zen Do Kai (Freestyle Karate): 10 Karate classes for children and teenagers (ages 10-14) and a full karate uniform.  

Kidz Karate Beginner Course: 4 x 45 minute kids karate classes over 4 weeks. The Kids Karate Beginner Course suits our youngest beginners trying out martial arts for the first time. Classes are run in a small group of similarly aged students, to introduce our karate class format and basic karate skills in preparation for joining our Kidz Karate Program. All participants of the Kidz Karate Beginner Course start out with a free Karate Uniform. Set course dates apply.

Women's Self Defence Beginner Course (Krav Maga Street Defence for Women): 5 x 1 hour sessions of Women's Self Defence Training over 5 weeks. This is a tailored women's self-defence program based on Krav Maga street defence concepts. Can be taken as a standalone self defence course for women, or as an introduction to ongoing training in Krav Maga. Set course dates apply.

We believe these startup options are the best way for children and adults to try out martial arts classes locally and ensure you're happy with our training before joining as a member. We guarantee that once you and/or your family start training with All-Active Martial Arts Epping, you won't look back!  For more information, please contact us and we'll get you started.   


Women's Krav Maga Self Defence Beginner courses

All Active Martial Arts offer Self Defence training courses for Women in 5 week blocks. The Women's Self Defence course is designed to increase awareness and boost confidence by teaching the foundation skills in Krav Maga for self-defence application. 

What you get with our Women's Krav Maga Self Defence Beginner's course:

  • Small group training with a certified Krav Maga Instructor. 
  • 5 x 1 hour sessions of foundation skill training
  • FREE Training T-Shirt.
  • A certificate of completion following 5 week course.
  • Low cost of $120 for this special offer.
Womens Self-Defence 5 week Course

Kidz Karate (5-9 years of age)

All Active Martial Arts are running Kidz Karate courses in 4 week blocks. 

What you get with our Kidz Karate beginner's course:

  • Small group training with a certified Kidz Karate Instructor.
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions of foundation skill training
  • FREE Uniform 
  • A certificate of completion following 4 week course.
  • Low cost of $90 for this special offer.
Kidz Karate 4 week Beginner's Course

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Try out Muay Thai Kickboxing with a 4-week training pass:
  • 4 weeks of Muay Thai Kickboxing classes (2 sessions per week)
  • Free pair of 16oz Thai Boxing Gloves
  • Just $120 including up to 8 sessions and boxing gloves valued at $65 

Krav Maga for Men & Women (18+)

Try out Krav Maga with a 4-week training pass:

Filipino Martial Arts: Eskrima-Kali-Arnis

Try out our Eskrima classes with a 4-week training pass + pair of Eskrima sticks

  • Try out our Filipino Martial Arts: Eskrima-Kali-Arnis classes for 4 weeks and receive a free pair of Eskrima sticks
  • Includes 2 x 1 hour sessions per week, for 4 weeks. Our rotating curriculum enables new members to start at any time of the year.
  • Total cost: $125
  • Contact us to register for your first class