Student Reviews

Hi, my name is Dion and I am 13 years of age. At the age of six I was interested in Martial Arts, I started at another Martial Arts club and after a number of years I found I was going nowhere, then I found this club and went to a training session and found I was happy with the training and style. I am happy to be training at All-Active Martial Arts because of the method of training and the information given to me, and also the skill level of the Instructors at All-Active Martial Arts is very high.

– Dion

I just want to say thank you to the Instructors at All Active Martial Arts, as you have no ideal how Zen Do Kai has help my son Mark control his ADHD. I believe this training has been a good thing, because now Mark can control himself coming down from his medication. and where he would be normal a mess, he is not now.

Thanks. kilie

– Kilie

I train here because I feel welcome and I enjoy every class I take part in.

– Lucas, Age 13

I started karate in 2007 at a different club but in 2010 I moved to AAMA. It was so much better because we learnt more, the facilities were a lot better and the instructors and other students are friendly and understanding. We learn new things every single night and there are lots of varieties such as kickboxing, MMA, karate, Muay Thai and much more.

– Madeleine, Age 11

I began training at another club in 2003 and changed to Zen Do Kai in 2010. I have been training for 10 years. I choose to come to AAMA because the standard of teaching and facilities were superior to other clubs and training facilities. I love training because every class is different and unique. AAMA trains us to be able to defend ourselves if we are in a bad situation. I also love training as all the instructors and peers are kind and helpful.

– Mikayla, Age 14