Kids Karate Beginner Course starts Monday 30th July 2018

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Our next Kidz Karate 4-week Beginner Course for 5-9 year olds will commence on Monday 30th July, at 5:00pm.

The Kids Karate beginner course offers 4 x 45 minute lessons over 4 weeks and includes a complete karate uniform - all for a total cost of $90, providing a great opportunity for kids to try out Karate for the first time at our full time martial arts training centre, located directly opposite Epping YMCA Leisure City.

The 4-week Kidz Karate Beginner course is designed to introduce foundation skills in Freestyle Karate and prepare our youngest members for the Kidz Karate program. 

To enrol online, please follow the booking link on our website:, or contact us on 03 8418 1822 to secure a place for your child. All new students will receive their free uniform on enrolment!  


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We are happy to inform all our members that ALL AAMA CLASSES WILL CONTINUE as usual for ALL systems during the Term 2 School Holidays, including:

  • Kidz Karate
  • Zen Do Kai
  • Muay Thai
  • Eskrima
  • Krav Maga
  • Systema 
Don't miss out on the opportunity to stay active during the school holidays and continue your training over the winter break! 
See our regular timetable or contact us on 03 8418 1822 for more info. 
See you in class!


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Emails have now been sent to all students eligible to participate in this month's Kidz Karate and Zen Do Kai Graduation Grading Day. If you have received notification, congratulations! Your child has completed the required amount of training time, further progressed their skill development and continued to display a positive attitude to their martial arts training. This means they are ready for grading! 

ALL STUDENTS - keep up the great work, instructors will still be assessing for tips - and every class is another step closer to your next rank!

KIDZ KARATE and ZEN DO KAI GRADINGS will commence at 1:00pm on SATURDAY 30th JUNE 2018. Please take note of the following grading schedule: 

1:00PM - 1:45PM: White to Yellow Belt Grading 

2:00PM - 2:45PM: Yellow to Orange Belt Grading 

2:00PM - 2:45PM: Orange to Blue Belt Grading

3:00PM - 4:30PM: Blue to Green Belt Grading

3:00PM - 4:30PM: Green to Brown Belt Grading

Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled grading time.

ALL GRADING STUDENTS will need to complete a Grading form and return it to their instructor by Thursday 28th June. Grading payments can be made in person via cash or EFT, or via PayPal as follows:

Yellow Belts grading to Orange: $50 (Pay via PayPal - Orange Belt Grading)

Orange Belts grading to Blue: $60 (Pay via PayPal - Blue Belt Grading

Blue Belts grading to Green: $70 (Pay via PayPal - Green Belt Grading)

Green Belts grading to Brown: $80 (Pay via PayPal - Brown Belt Grading)

We encourage families to attend in support of the students who are grading. Belt promotion is a meaningful ritual and having your support will make it a very special time in their training.

Please feel free to contact us by phone on 8418 1822, email at, or see your instructor this week if you have any questions. 

Keep up the great work!

Kyoshi Marc

All-Active Martial Arts

Krav Maga Self Defence for Men and Women

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What is Krav Maga? 

Perhaps you've heard of Krav Maga or seen it in the movies. Krav Maga was originally developed as a style of military defence combat taught to the Israeli defence forces. The principles of Krav Maga have since been adapted for civilian scenarios and applied to teaching Krav Maga self-defence all around the world. 

Our Krav Maga classes in Melbourne follow the original principles and techniques of Krav Maga, incorporating combination of martial arts techniques and specifically designed to teach tactics and skills that can be used to defend and counter a wide variety of attacks in realistic, threatening scenarios.

We're offering new members the opportunity to try out our Krav Maga classes in Melbourne over winter. Our Krav Maga classes are held at our Epping club, twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8pm. Please note that due to class content and adult concepts, our Krav Maga classes are limited to adults aged 18 and over.

Kidz Karate 4-week Beginner Course starts Tuesday 12th June 2018

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All-Active Martial Arts' next Kidz Karate 4-week Beginner course is starting next week on Tuesday 12th June, at 5:00pm. It's not too late to secure a place. 

Our 4-week Beginner course cycles usually operate on Mondays at 5pm, however due to the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday this Monday, the first session will run on Tuesday instead.


The 4-week Kidz Karate Beginner course is designed to introduce basic foundation skills in Freestyle Karate and prepare our youngest members for the Kidz Karate program. (Ages 5-9).

We find that new students are less overwhelmed and tend to maintain higher levels of attention and focus when starting out with a smaller group of similarly aged beginners.  


The Beginner course offers 4 x 45 minute lessons over 4 weeks and includes a complete karate uniform, for just $90, providing a great opportunity for kids to try out Karate for the first time.


Please contact us with any questions, or to secure a place in the course! We are also accepting registrations and providing uniforms at the club this Saturday morning between 9.30am and 1.00pm.


Give us a call on 03 8418 1822 or Contact Us for more info!

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Monday 11th June 2018

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Members please note that All Active Martial Arts will be closed this Monday 11th June for the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday. 

We wish all our members and families a safe and enjoyable long weekend! 

Members who attend regular Monday classes are welcome to make up their class by attending on an alternative day where possible. Please see All-Active Martial Arts Timetable for class times, or contact us on 8418 1822.

~ All-Active Martial Arts Team

Martial Arts links between emotional wellbeing and physical health

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The ConversationWe are all aware that exercise generally has many benefits, such as improving physical fitness and strength. But what do we know about the effects of specific types of exercise? Researchers have already shown that jogging can increase life expectancy, for example, while yoga makes us happy.

However, there is one activity that goes beyond enhancing physical and mental health – martial arts can boost your brain’s cognition too.

Researchers say that there are two ways to improve attention, through attention training (AT), and attention state training (AST). AT is based on practising a specific skill and getting better at that skill, but not others – using a brain training video game, for example.

AST on the other hand is about getting into a specific state of mind that allows a stronger focus. This can be done by using exercise, meditation or yoga, among other things.

It has been suggested that martial arts is a form of AST, and supporting this, recent research has shown a link between practice and improved alertness. Backing this idea up further, another study showed that martial arts practice – specifically karate – is linked with better performance on a divided attention task.

This is an assignment in which the person has to keep two rules in mind and respond to signals based on whether they are auditory or visual.

In a US study, children aged between eight and 11 years old were tasked with traditional martial arts training that focused on respecting other people and defending themselves as part of an anti-bullying programme. The children were also taught how to maintain a level of self-control in heated situations.

The researchers found that the martial arts training reduced the level of aggressive behaviour in boys, and found that they were more likely to step in and help someone who was being bullied than before they took part in the training.

Significant changes were not found in the girls’ behaviour, potentially because they showed much lower levels of physical aggression before the training than the boys did.

Interestingly, this anti-aggression effect is not limited to young children. A different piece of research found reduced physical and verbal aggression, as well as hostility, in adolescents who practised martial arts too.

Some forms of martial arts, such as tai chi, place great emphasis on controlled breathing and meditation. These were strongly linked in one study with reduced feelings of stress, as well as being better able to manage stress when it is present in young to middle-aged adults.

This effect has also been found in older adults – the 330 participants in this research had a mean age of 73 – too. And the softer, flowing movements make it an ideal, low-impact exercise for older people.

As several scientists are now looking into the links between emotional wellbeing and physical health, it’s vital to note that martial arts has been show to improve a person’s emotional wellbeing too.

In the study linked above, 45 older adults (aged 67-93) were asked to take part in karate training, cognitive training, or non-martial arts physical training for three to six months.

The older adults in the karate training showed lower levels of depression after the training period than both other groups, perhaps due to its meditative aspect. It was also reported that these adults showed a greater level of self-esteem after the training too.

fter comparing a sedentary control group with a group of people doing karate, Italian researchers found that taking part in karate can improve a person’s working memory. They used a test that involved recalling and repeating a series of numbers, both in the correct order and backwards, which increased in difficulty until the participant was unable to continue.

The karate group were much better at this task than the control group, meaning they could recall longer series of numbers. Another project found similar results while comparing tai chi practice with “Western exercise” – strength, endurance and resistance training.

Evidently, there is far more to martial arts than its traditional roles. Though they have been practised for self-defence and spiritual development for many hundreds of years, only relatively recently have researchers had the methods to assess the true extent of how this practice affects the brain.

Ashleigh Johnstone is a PhD researcher in cognitive neuroscience at Bangor University. This article was originally published on The Conversation (