WEKAF National Championship Registration

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WEKAF Australia

2019 National Stick Fighting Championships 

 Melbourne: Saturday 6th July 2019

Hosted by All-Active Martial Arts and Doce Pares Australia, and sponsored by De Francesco Vella & Associates, we would like to Invite you along with your family, friends and students to be part of this National Tournament in Melbourne.

The WEKAF National Tournament (WEKAF World Championship Qualifier) is open to ALL Men, Women and Junior practitioners. Competitors are not required to be WEKAF members to take part.
Entry costs have been set to cover the running costs of the Championship only and have been kept as low as possible. All judges, referees and admin persons will either be volunteering their time and services or will already be attending as registered competitors themselves. In the case of any profit earned by the event, proceeds will be donated to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation:
Competitors should expect a professionally run tournament in line with WEKAF tournament rules and regulations. Tournament registration can be completed online via the official tournament registration website:

Thank you to all who have already registered for tournament events. A full list of Tournament Events is also available on the
Australian WEKAF National Championships registration site.

Tournament Events include:
: - Sayaw/Forms
: - Team Sayaw/Forms
: - Single Stick
: - Double Stick
: - Padded single stick (continuous)
: - Padded double stick (continuous)
: - Knife point

Those who complete their competitor registration and payment for WEKAF Australian Nationals by the 24th May 2019 will have FREE ACCESS to the Doce Pares Australia Masters Seminar on Sunday 7th July 2019. Cost for all other attendees is $30.00.

For accommodation in Epping that is walking distance to the Tournament and Seminar we suggest the following local options: -
1. Quest Epping (6 Min walk)
2. Mantra Epping (20 Min walk)
3. Excelsior Hotel (14 Mins by Car) is cheap but ok.

Times will be advised for a get together and weigh-in on Friday 5th July 2019 at All-Active Martial Arts training centre, as well as for an after-tournament dinner on Saturday 6th July.

We look forward to a great show of skill at this year’s National Tournament and World Qualifiers!

Marc Toussaint
Vice President – WEKAF Australia
Chief Instructor – Doce Pares Australia
Owner – All-Active Martial Arts
Email: | Phone: 0412 620 264


School Holiday Training and Easter 2019

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It's that time again! School holidays! 

All classes at AAMA will be running as per our regular timetable, with the exception of the Easter Public Holidays, so don't miss the opportunity to stay active and train during the holidays! 

AAMA will be CLOSED on the following dates:

Good Friday - 19th April 2019

Easter Saturday - 20th April 2019

Easter Sunday - 21st April 2019

Easter Monday - 22nd April 2019

Anzac Day - 25th April 2019

We hope to see you all at training during the school holidays!