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All Filipino Martial Arts students, Doce Pares Eskrima-Kali-Arnis and BJMA Eskrima members are invited to attend a 3-hour training seminar with Master Marc Toussaint at All-Active Martial Arts on Sunday 22nd September 2019 from 10am-1pm. For enquiries, please contact 03 8418 1822 or email

September Gradings at AAMA

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Our September gradings begin this Saturday 21st September from 12pm with Kidz Karate and at 2pm for Zen Do Kai gradings. Please check in-class for specific grading times. 
 We encourage families to attend in support of students who are grading. Belt promotion is a meaningful ritual and having your support will make it a very special time in their training! 
Best of luck to all students grading this month


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To minimise disruption to our regular classes, we will be making the most of Grand Final Long Weekend to work on completing the next stage of our new floor construction.

Classes will resume as normal on Monday 30th September 2019.

Kidz Karate and Zen Do Kai students who normally attend Thursday or Saturday classes are welcomed to make up their session on an alternative day of the week.

This construction phase is the next step to creating a bigger, better and more functional training space to cater for our growing member base! Once completed, our upstairs training area will have been extended to a full-sized training floor!

We thank you all for your ongoing support and patience while we work on upgrading your training space!

Cebu Training Camp 2019 - Training & Culture in the Philippines

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This month saw All-Active Martial Arts and Doce Pares Australia Director Master Marc Toussaint coordinate a training camp to Doce Pares World Headquarters in Cebu City, Philippines. A group of 18 Filipino Martial Arts students and Eskrima Doce Pares practitioners from all around Australia, including 10 All-Active Martial Arts Eskrima students, traveled to Cebu for a two-week training camp and unforgettable cultural experience.

This year's training camp to Doce Pares HQ provided the Australian Eskrimadors with the opportunity to learn Filipino Eskrima-Arnis-Kali from Doce Pares Masters, Grand Masters and Supreme Grand Master Dionisio A. Canete, at the very home of the Doce Pares Multi-Styles system of Eskrima-Kali-Arnis. 

In addition to undertaking invaluable training at Doce Pares HQ in Cebu City, the Doce Pares Australia members and All-Active Martial Arts students also experienced special training at Badian Beach, sight-seeing, historical and cultural enrichment, canyoneering, traditional dining, entertainment and the most welcoming and friendly Filipino hospitality! 

All participants received official recognition from Doce Pares World Headquarters for participating in the two-week training camp and presented with certificates. Three training camp members also had the opportunity to have their skills officially recognized when they successfully completed an official grading for international ranking at Doce Pares HQ. Two of our very own All-Active Martial Arts' Eskrima students were successful in achieving their International First Grade Black Belt ranking.

Master Marc Toussaint will be attending the 2019 SEA Games this November after having been invited to take part as a judge in the Arnis event category. The South East Asian Games are a biennial multi-sport event involving participants from 11 Southeast Asian countries. To be hosted by the Philippines in 2019, the SEA Games are regulated by the Southeast Asian Games Federation and supervised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Olympic Council of Asia.

Master Toussaint and several of our students also plan to attend the 2020 World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation (WEKAF) World Championships in the Philippines in July 2020, after having successfully qualified to take part in a number of events at this year’s Australian WEKAF Championships!

All-Active Martial Arts are very proud of our ongoing association with Doce Pares Australia and Doce Pares HQ in Cebu City, Philippines. As Doce Pares Australia Director, Master Marc Toussaint hopes to offer future groups the opportunity to experience the invaluable training and enriching culture of the Philippines by coordinating regular training camps to Doce Pares World Headquarters.

Enquiries are welcomed for more information about Filipino Martial Arts, learning Eskrima-Kali-Arnis, WEKAF Stick Fighting or for supply of genuine Filipino Martial Arts Training Equipment. Contact us on 03 8418 1822 or via email to

Located in Epping VIC, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, All-Active Martial Arts offer regular classes in Eskrima Doce Pares and WEKAF Stick Fighting, run by Master Marc Toussaint, 6th Grade International Black Belt - Doce Pares Eskrima-Kali-Arnis.

We're training these school holidays! Are you?

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We're training these school holidays! Are you? Join us and stay active during the winter holidays!!! 

AAMA will be OPEN and running our FULL TRAINING TIMETABLE these School Holidays meaning ALL AAMA CLASSES ARE ON AS USUAL! 

  • Kidz Karate 
  • Zen Do Kai (Freestyle Karate) 
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Eskrima Doce Pares
  • Krav Maga 
  • Women's Self Defence
  • Russian Systema
Don't miss this opportunity to stay active with your training over the Winter Break, or to start something new! 
To book a trial, call us on 03 8418 1822 or come in and see us at Unit 11, 26-38 Miller St Epping (Directly Opposite YMCA Leisure City). 
Check our timetable for class times or contact us on 03 8418 1822 for more information! 

Queen's Birthday Public Holiday Closure

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All-Active Martial Arts will be CLOSED on Monday 10th June 2019 for the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday.

We hope all our members and families enjoy the long weekend! 

We'll be back for classes as usual on Tuesday 11th June. Students are welcomed to attend class on an alternative day where possible.

For more information, see our timetable or contact the office on 03 8418 1822.


Women's Self Defence Course - Tues 28th May

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Women’s Krav Maga Street Defence

5-week Self-Defence Course 


 Next Course starts at 8pm, Tuesday 28th May 2019

Total cost = $120

All participants receive a free Training Shirt 😊

Includes 5 x 1 hour sessions of Krav Maga Street Defence, Women's Self-Defence training.

Learn how to be more alert and feel safer on the street, by practicing techniques and learning how to counter potential threats, based on realistic street defence scenarios.


Register for the course online or call us on 8418 1822 for more info.

To finalise enrolment and collect your training shirt, please come and see us at

All-Active Martial Arts – 11/26 Miller St Epping (Directly opposite YMCA Leisure City)

WEKAF National Championship Registration

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WEKAF Australia

2019 National Stick Fighting Championships 

 Melbourne: Saturday 6th July 2019

Hosted by All-Active Martial Arts and Doce Pares Australia, and sponsored by De Francesco Vella & Associates, we would like to Invite you along with your family, friends and students to be part of this National Tournament in Melbourne.

The WEKAF National Tournament (WEKAF World Championship Qualifier) is open to ALL Men, Women and Junior practitioners. Competitors are not required to be WEKAF members to take part.
Entry costs have been set to cover the running costs of the Championship only and have been kept as low as possible. All judges, referees and admin persons will either be volunteering their time and services or will already be attending as registered competitors themselves. In the case of any profit earned by the event, proceeds will be donated to the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation:
Competitors should expect a professionally run tournament in line with WEKAF tournament rules and regulations. Tournament registration can be completed online via the official tournament registration website:

Thank you to all who have already registered for tournament events. A full list of Tournament Events is also available on the
Australian WEKAF National Championships registration site.

Tournament Events include:
: - Sayaw/Forms
: - Team Sayaw/Forms
: - Single Stick
: - Double Stick
: - Padded single stick (continuous)
: - Padded double stick (continuous)
: - Knife point

Those who complete their competitor registration and payment for WEKAF Australian Nationals by the 24th May 2019 will have FREE ACCESS to the Doce Pares Australia Masters Seminar on Sunday 7th July 2019. Cost for all other attendees is $30.00.

For accommodation in Epping that is walking distance to the Tournament and Seminar we suggest the following local options: -
1. Quest Epping (6 Min walk)
2. Mantra Epping (20 Min walk)
3. Excelsior Hotel (14 Mins by Car) is cheap but ok.

Times will be advised for a get together and weigh-in on Friday 5th July 2019 at All-Active Martial Arts training centre, as well as for an after-tournament dinner on Saturday 6th July.

We look forward to a great show of skill at this year’s National Tournament and World Qualifiers!

Marc Toussaint
Vice President – WEKAF Australia
Chief Instructor – Doce Pares Australia
Owner – All-Active Martial Arts
Email: | Phone: 0412 620 264