AAMA Club Update: Reopening, June Gradings, Mothers Day, Weekly Challenge, Online Class Timetable

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AAMA members! We hope you are all doing well, staying healthy and active, even while staying at home! 

The last month has definitely been full of new challenges, but has also been a time of strength and unity as we have all adapted to big changes to the way we go about our daily lives - including the way we train! Again, all of us at AAMA want to say a big thank you to you all for your ongoing support and commitment to training with us! 

We have been very proud to see everyone embrace our online training program by attending live classes and jumping online to train on our members portal! We are so happy to be training with you and catch up with you in class every week!

Maintaining a healthy, active and socially interactive lifestyle is always important, especially now, during this time of physical distancing. We have been grateful for the online communication and social media tools that have helped us stay connected with you! It’s also been great to touch base with everyone via our weekly live chat on Facebook (and now also on Zoom) every Monday at 6pm! This week’s live update included a lot of information that we’d like to share with all of you. 


As distancing measures in Australia have helped to keep our COVID-19 case numbers considerably low, we are now waiting on Victorian government advice about the timelines for the stages of easing the current distancing measures and what that will mean for us in terms of resuming classes at AAMA. 

Once we have received confirmation that indoor sporting venues can resume operation, we’ll be looking ahead to our centre reopening - with a few changes - to ensure AAMA is a COVID-19 safe training venue for our members as well as for our instructors and staff. 

We will provide plenty of notice with regard to official reopening dates as soon as we get the go-ahead. We’ll also be implementing a few changes, including the following: 

  • We will continue to maintain a comprehensive daily cleaning and disinfecting routine at AAMA, including between classes
  • The centre will reopen for training in stages, with a temporary adjusted class timetable
  • One way in and one way out of the centre (separate entry and exit points)

  • Cap on maximum number of students in the centre at one time

  • Live classes will continue: We will continue to make live classes available for students to participate in online via Zoom after on-site training has resumed. Access to live training via Zoom will be available for class members or parents, during the set class time only. These classes will only be available live and will not be recorded or added to our online members portal. 


Students who were eligible for March Gradings or who will be eligible for June Grading, will have the opportunity to grade this June. This will apply for all systems. Students must be attending online classes. We still have 5 weeks of training before gradings, so it is not too late to jump into the online sessions.

Tentative grading dates have been set for Saturday 13th June and Saturday 20th June. 

Advice for students preparing for Kidz Karate & Zen Do Kai Gradings:

  • We will be looking for 100% EFFORT, not 100% perfection. Keep practicing what we’ve been working on throughout the year!  We will focus on working through finer technicalities when we return!
  • Students are strongly encouraged to continue attending live sessions with Renshi Cam and Dai Sempai Dylan. (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).
  • Use the members portal! Everything you need to help you practice for gradings is there! 
  • Challenge yourself further with some of the new training videos on the members portal - check out forms with a twist, posted by Kyoshi this week.     


We had an awesome turnout to our Mother's Day Zen Do Kai class on Thursday 7th May, where we invited mums to train with us! Our AAMA mums (and dads!) did an incredible job!


It was great to see so many students take part in last week’s push-up challenge! Thank you to everyone that took part and sent us your videos!

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our winner - Eli from Kidz Karate who completed 67 push-ups in 60 seconds! What an effort! Eli is the winner of a 1-hour one-on-one private coaching session with Renshi Cam! 

This week’s challenge:

This week’s challenge is a non-stop skipping challenge! To take part, submit a video of yourself skipping rope non-stop for a minimum of 2 minutes. Whoever completes the longest time of non-stop skipping will win a 1 hour one-on-one private XMA coaching session with Dai Sempai Dylan. This session can be adapted to suit the training focus of the winning participant (for any system).

Video entries for this week’s skipping challenge must be submitted by 5pm Monday 11th May 2020. The winner will be announced during the 6pm Live Update, Monday 11th May - on our Facebook Members Page and via Zoom. 

So grab your skipping rope and get practicing!  


If you require a copy of the current online class timetable, please let us know. You can reach us by calling 03 8418 1822 or via email to Reminders and class meeting links are also sent on the day of classes. Please let us know if you are not receiving the class reminders!

Our online classes are currently running as follows:




5:00pm - Kidz Karate

6:00pm - Live Update

6:30pm - Muay Thai

7:45pm - Eskrima

4:00pm - Kidz Karate

5:00pm - Zen Do Kai

6:00pm - Eskrima

6:15pm - Zen Do Kai

7:30pm - Krav Maga

Thank you again to everyone, we are so proud of your commitment! If there is anything we can help out with, please reach out to the team.

We look forward to safely reopening and training with ALL of you in person again soon! 

Kyoshi Marc Toussaint 

All-Active Team

All-Active Martial Arts

 03 8418 1822 | 

Members Study Portal:  

Stay Home, Stay Healthy & TRAIN MARTIAL ARTS!

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We hope that you are well, staying safe, healthy and active!

With work and education becoming increasingly home-based at this time, we are very grateful to have the opportunity to keep training with our members online! We've had an overwhelming response to our our LIVE classes over the last few weeks and it's been great to see everyone in the Zoom classroom! 

Our online Members Portal is also up and running with a library of training resources, tutorial videos and catch-up class recordings for all systems and for members to access any time!  

Training from home will help you to stay active, keep your skills up and fine-tune your technique, while you continue earning progress toward your next rank! We will also be holding LIVE Gradings in June - and we don't want anyone to miss out!

The world is a little different for now, so we are changing the way we do things for a little while. We would love to see you, so if you would like to try out a live class, please let us know! 

If you have never trained in Martial Arts before - this may be your chance to give it a go! Give us a call on 0466 833 448 or contact us for more info! 

Stay well and we hope to see you soon!

Kyoshi Marc and the All-Active Team

AAMA Newsletter - March 2020

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Welcome to our first Newsletter for 2020 and wow, what a big and busy start to the year we have had so far!! 
In this newsletter we will cover what AAMA is doing to maintain a safe and hygienic training space for our members and how we’re proactively further upping our hygiene protocols given the latest news about coronavirus. Read on for information about our 2020 Grading Dates, our planning for Black Belt training sessions and Instructor Teaching Courses, and an update on the new training floor upstairs!
As we all know the start of 2020 has been full of news that has affected us all. With the tragic bushfire destruction across Australia, followed by floods and now the Coronavirus panic, and we are only in the third month of 2020. 
The coronavirus has impacted the latest news and we’ve all seen the effects of this in the recent supermarket panic buying. We’ve seen shelves completely emptied of supplies and no toilet paper to be seen! (Funny, because we make toilet paper here in Australia and suppliers have assured the public, we’re not about to run out any time soon!) Rest assured, AAMA will not be running out of paper either!  
Centre and Personal Hygiene 
So, what are we doing at AAMA to protect our members and provide a clean and hygienic place to train every week? Just as we have been doing in the past, we clean and disinfect our training mats, bathroom and training equipment daily. To be more hygienic, AAMA will be installing paper towel dispensers in the bathroom and above the kitchenette sink for hand washing and drying. We ask all members to help keep the centre clean, by placing all rubbish in the bin, not leaving water bottles behind after training, trying to not walk on the training mats with shoes, or leaving shoes in the way of doorways and always endeavouring to have a clean uniform, clean training gear and good personal hygiene! AAMA also request that parents of young children training or watching class accompany them to the toilet when required, to ensure proper hand washing is taking place.
March 2020 Gradings  
The year has flown by so far, so it’s hard to believe it’s almost time for gradings! Our March 2020 Grading dates are as follows: 
 SATURDAY 28 MARCH 2020 1:00PM - 4:00PM
Black Belt Training  
Part of being a Black Belt with AAMA in any of our systems means exploring new training opportunities and expanding skill sets. AAMA are currently planning extra training sessions for our Black Belts. These sessions will most likely take place on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. Dates are being worked out now and AAMA will advise all our Black Belts of specific dates and times soon. We encourage all our Black Belts to cross train in another system – so if you have been thinking about trying other classes, please speak with your instructor.  
There will also be an opportunity for some extra training on Sunday 5th April from 10.00am to 1.00pm at our Doce Pares Eskrima Training Day at AAMA.
AAMA is also an affiliated member of BJMA, meaning that all Black Belts can attend BJMA State Training Days. The next BJMA Training Day will take place in SHEPPARTON on Sunday 22nd March. (Please ask your class instructor for more info if you are interested in attending).
Instructor Training for Assistant Instructors 
It has been great to see many of our brown and black belts assisting during class. All of you have the potential to become great future class instructors! Having the opportunity to learn how to teach and pass on one’s own knowledge to others, is an important part of one’s own training. Training for intermediate and senior students at AAMA includes instructor training from Level 1 (Assistant Instructor in Training) to Level 4 (Paid Class Instructor).  
As part of our focus on personal and professional development for our students, we will continue to offer ongoing assistant instructor training, both during class times and through dedicated instructor training sessions, the next of which will take place on Saturday 21st March 2020, from 9:30am – 10:30am. 
AAMA Level One Training Floor Update 
AAMA’s new Training floor is still being worked on. You will see in the next few weeks that the cage will be moved, new lights put in and painting will be getting done. We are hoping to finish the new floor by June. We are looking forward to offering more training timeslots and  new classes for kids and adults once the floor has been completed. Thank you for your patience while we get this done! 
Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter and helping us to make All-Active the best place to train in Martial Arts!
Kyoshi Marc Toussaint

September Gradings at AAMA

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Our September gradings begin this Saturday 21st September from 12pm with Kidz Karate and at 2pm for Zen Do Kai gradings. Please check in-class for specific grading times. 
 We encourage families to attend in support of students who are grading. Belt promotion is a meaningful ritual and having your support will make it a very special time in their training! 
Best of luck to all students grading this month


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Emails have now been sent to all students eligible to participate in this month's Kidz Karate and Zen Do Kai Graduation Grading Day. If you have received notification, congratulations! Your child has completed the required amount of training time, further progressed their skill development and continued to display a positive attitude to their martial arts training. This means they are ready for grading! 

ALL STUDENTS - keep up the great work, instructors will still be assessing for tips - and every class is another step closer to your next rank!

KIDZ KARATE and ZEN DO KAI GRADINGS will commence at 1:00pm on SATURDAY 30th JUNE 2018. Please take note of the following grading schedule: 

1:00PM - 1:45PM: White to Yellow Belt Grading 

2:00PM - 2:45PM: Yellow to Orange Belt Grading 

2:00PM - 2:45PM: Orange to Blue Belt Grading

3:00PM - 4:30PM: Blue to Green Belt Grading

3:00PM - 4:30PM: Green to Brown Belt Grading

Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled grading time.

ALL GRADING STUDENTS will need to complete a Grading form and return it to their instructor by Thursday 28th June. Grading payments can be made in person via cash or EFT, or via PayPal as follows:

Yellow Belts grading to Orange: $50 (Pay via PayPal - Orange Belt Grading)

Orange Belts grading to Blue: $60 (Pay via PayPal - Blue Belt Grading

Blue Belts grading to Green: $70 (Pay via PayPal - Green Belt Grading)

Green Belts grading to Brown: $80 (Pay via PayPal - Brown Belt Grading)

We encourage families to attend in support of the students who are grading. Belt promotion is a meaningful ritual and having your support will make it a very special time in their training.

Please feel free to contact us by phone on 8418 1822, email at, or see your instructor this week if you have any questions. 

Keep up the great work!

Kyoshi Marc

All-Active Martial Arts

State Grading

Posted by Marc Toussaint> on Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday 24th Oct 2015 was a big day at the 45th year State grading day for AAMA. As we first had Tracey Nolan and Cameron Waites achieving Shodan-Ho (Black Belt).
 Dennis Axios getting his 1st degree Black Belt full Shodan Zen do Kai and then following Damian Wilson and Stuart Crowl both demonstrating how to deal with 3 attackers in their 3rd Degree Black Belt grading and achieving it with flying colours.
Stuart also received 3rd place for the grading day overall!!! 

We also saw and was a part of seeing an mentor of my Hanshi Billy Manne becoming Full 9th Degree!!

Mid way in the grading a formal ceremony for Muay Thai was preformed with myself awarded 5th Degree in BJC Muay Thai. After all awards had been giving out, I then was presentation and award my Probationary 7th Degree!

Its was a very successful day for All Active Martial Arts and I am personally very proud of everyone of you!!

Kyoshi Marc

BJMA Victoria Training Day

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For all students Brown and Above please note:
The BJMA Victoria Training Day is on TODAY:

134 Marong Road, Bendigo


These sessions are compulsory for any student wanting to grade.

See you all there


Posted by Damian Wilson> on Friday, June 12, 2015

Good Luck to all students that are grading tomorrow
 at All-Active Martial Arts!!!!!

You have ALL  trained hard, 
now is time for you to show everyone how good you really are.

Everyone here at All-Active are very proud of you :)

Could all Senior Ranks who are helping out at tomorrows grading make sure that they are there before 12.30pm.


See you all then

Sensei Damian 

BJMA Victoria Training Day

Posted by Damian Wilson> on Sunday, April 19, 2015

For all students Brown and Above please note:
The BJMA Victoria Training Day is on TODAY:



These sessions are compulsory for any student wanting to grade.

See you all there

Sensei Damian


Posted by Damian Wilson> on Friday, April 17, 2015

Congratulations to Sam, Bill and Peter. Who have passed their AEK level 1 instructors course.  Excellent standard was delivered on the day.

Well done gentlemen