Kids Karate

Kids Karate is designed to meet the needs of our growing student population.  This program incorporates a modified Zen Do Kai program that consists of basic karate techniques (punches, kicks, strikes and Kata (Forms), stranger danger awareness and anti bullying programs that are delivered in a fun way, developing self confidence and participation.




Benefits of Karate for kids:

  • Discipline
  • Respect and self confidence through a structured approach
  • Self defense skills
  • Motor skills
  • Co-operation and social skills
  • The importance of a healthy attitude towards fitness, themselves and others.

All Active Martial Arts are running Kidz Karate courses in 4 week blocks.

What you get with our Kidz Karate beginner's course:

  • Small group training with a certified Kidz Karate Instructor.
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions of foundation skill training
  • FREE Uniform
  • A certificate of completion following 4 week course.
  • Low cost of $90 for this special offer.
  • Kids Karate Beginner course

    4 Week Kidz Karate Course Dates 2018:
    • Monday April 16th, 23rd, 30th and May 7th at 5.00pm
    • Monday May 14th, 21st, 28th and June 4th at 5.00pm
    • Tuesday June 12th, Monday 18th and 25th at 5.00pm and Tuesday July 3rd at 6.00pm (please note the 1st class for this course will be held on the Tuesday 12/06/18 due to the Queen's Birthday Public Holiday and the 4th class for the course will be held on Tuesday 03/07/18 at 6pm.)

      Traditional and Modern Approach

      KIDS Karate program merges traditional techniques and principles with modern trends and attitudes to provide self defence techniques that are relevant in todays society.  Our program employs a flexible model that allows students to develop their sense of self, allowing them to express their needs during training and encourages their development of self esteem, social skills and team work.

      All-Active offers Kids classes in:

      • Kids Karate
      • Kids Kicking Class
      • Kids Self Defense
      • Zen Do Kai
      • Muay Thai
      • Eskrima
      • MMA
      • Coming soon - Stranger Danger Program (Street Smarts), Kidz Rolling Class and tournament training.

      All Active Martial Arts offers a wide range of self defense and fitness programs to suit the needs of our junior and intermediate students from all demographics.  For more information on our kids programs, contact us.

      Class Time Tables

      I've been at AAMA since 2007. I love everything at training; the different types of classes, the friends, the techniques, everything is very good. We learn how to defend ourselves when we are in danger and in today's society we need to know how to defend and protect ourselves if we are ever in danger.

      – Madeleine, Age 11

      I rarely write Testimonials, however, I feel our experience at All-Active Martial Arts, has dramatically improved our lives. As first time parents, we researched many Martial Arts Schools.
      This School is by far, the best;
      Our son Dimitri began his Martial Arts journey at 5 years of age, two years ago, and with Kyoshi Marc's patience and motivation, we have watched our son transform from a confused, frightened, shy and stubborn child into an enthusiastic boy.
      We cannot express the gratitude we feel in words.
      I highly recommend experiencing All-Active Martial Arts for every child.

      – Maria and Nenad G. 17/6/14