Zen Do Kai (Karate)

Zen Do Kai is a freestyle martial art system that was founded in 1970, when Soke Bob Jones opened the first Zen Do Kai Dojo in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.  Our Zen Do Kai classes are taught with an open mind and continually challenges our students to improve their martial arts awareness and skills, whilst merging traditional and modern techniques, principles and attitudes to provide a martial art program that is relevant in today's society.

The Zen Do Kai program is a Karate based system with emphasis on punches, kicks and strikes.  Over the years it has been influenced by boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu and Aikido, introducing the principles and practices of elbows & knee strikes, locks & holds, throws, vital point striking and grappling.  The use of weaponry is also included in the current Zen Do Kai program.

Benefits of Zen Do Kai

  • Discipline
  • Respect and self confidence through a structured approach.
  • Self defence skills
  • Motor skills
  • Co-operation and social skills.
  • The importance of a healthy attitude towards fitness, themselves and others.
  • The importance of ensuring that you employ the appropriate degree of self control and discipline at all times.

Zen Do Kai Gradings

Zen Do Kai Gradings for each colour rank are held at the end of each school term, with the exception of Black Belt gradings, which are held at our major Graduation Grading Day every December. Students are encouraged to move through their ranks once they have achieved skill with their technique and sequences and maintain open communication with their instructor, who will let you know the techniques that are required, preparation you can complete and when you will be ready for your next grading.  

All Active Martial Arts offers a wide range of self defence and fitness programs to suit the needs of our junior and intermediate students from all demographics.  For more information on our Zen Do Kai programs, contact us.

Some information sourced from the Zen Do Kai website http://bobjonesmartialarts.com.au/zen-do-kai/traditions

Class Time Tables

I began training at another club in 2003 and changed to Zen Do Kai in 2010. I have been training for 10 years. I choose to come to AAMA because the standard of teaching and facilities were superior to other clubs and training facilities. I love training because every class is different and unique. AAMA trains us to be able to defend ourselves if we are in a bad situation. I also love training as all the instructors and peers are kind and helpful.

– Mikayla, Age 14

My kids attend AAMA. They are learning Kids Martial Arts here. I'm very happy with their progress, I mean learning here has changed them a lot (of course a positive change). Now they are more confident, self-disciplined and strong kids. My little one was earlier shy but now she is confident enough to talk to people and brave enough to show others her karate skills. So I'll give 9 out of 10 to AAMA

– Priti, a student's mother