Kyoshi Marc Toussaint

Head Instructor

  • Began Training in Martial Arts:
  • Types of Certifications:
    -7th Degree Black Belt (Zen Do Kai)
    -6th Grade Black Belt (Doce Pares)
    -5th Degree Black Belt (BJMA Krav Maga)
    -5th Degree Black Belt (Muay Thai)
    -4th Degree Black Belt (Fighting Fit Freestyle)
    -Level 1 Mass Attack (Systema- Wolf Pack Fighting)

    -Victorian State Head instructor for BJC_AEK and Doces Pares Australia
    -World Karate Association Instructor
    -World Kickboxing Association 4th Degree Trainer
    -Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
    -Level 2 in First Aid
    -Working with Children
    -Completed Dave Kovar's one day Instructor College
  • Awards:
    -Twice received the BJC-Eskrima Instructors Award
    -BJC Contribution Awards
    -Feature Article Blitz Magazine (December 2014, Volume 28, No. 12)
  • Dream Job:
    -To open a full time training centre, achieved in 2012 with the opening of All-Active!

Full Biography

Marc has been involved in martial arts for over 30 years, opening his first dojo in Sunbury in 1992.  Since opening his first dojo, Marc has operated several martial arts clubs throughout Melbourne. For many years he has aspired to open a full time martial arts training centre with the goal of giving back what he has learnt and passing on this knowledge to his students.

He achieved this goal in 2012 and with the support of his instructors; he currently operated two AAMA martial arts clubs located in Epping and Fawkner.

Zen Do Kai\Kidz Karate

Marc has been fortunate to train with Soke Bob Jones and other high ranking Zen Do Kai instructors including Soke Richard Norton, Kyoshi Billy Manne, Kyoshi Steve Nedelkos and many others over the past 30 years.

Marc was awarded his full 6th Degree personally by Soke Bob Jones in 2010 and the title of Kyoshi. Marc currently teaches Zen Do Kai and Kidz karate with the goal of teaching students the benefits of what Zen Do Kai has to offer, not only as a self defence system but a way to empower you or  your child to be the best that you can be. Further he encourages the importance to living a healthy life through positive attitudes, commitment and fitness.


Marc was first introduced to Eskrima in 1997 by Master Peter Shannon, who is the currently Head Instructor for BJC-AEK Eskrima. Over that period time, Marc has travelled to Cebu, Philippines several times to train with SGM. Diony Canete, GM. Percival Pableo, and many other GM and masters (too many to name). Marc’s involvement in Doces Pares includes; competing in the 2004 and 2016 World Championships, taking the Australian team to the Doces Pares World Congress, being interview by local reporters and being invited to do live demonstration on local Sports TV channel in Cebu.

In 2016 Master Marc was rank to 6th Degree by SGM Diony Canete in front of a panel of GM and Master and other high ranking world representatives in Doce Pares Eskrima making him the 2nd highest ranking Eskrimador in Australia. As the current head of Victoria Marc is responsible for maintaining the highest standard possible, running instructor courses and promoting Filipino Martial Arts of Doce Pares (Arnis, Eskrima, Kali). 

Muay Thai

Marc received 4th degree in Fighting Fit in 2002. Fighting Fit has all of the components of Muay Thai but with the addition skill sets including ‘shoots’ and take-downs. This rank was awarded by Soke Bob Jones. Marc was able to apply the knowledge gained from his Eskrima training to assist in the development of the weapons component taught in Fighting Fit. With this training Marc also has also been awarded the rank of 5th Degree in BJC Muay Thai in 2015.


In 2012 AAMA was introduced to the Russian Martial Arts system of Systema through Matt Ball and Billy Manne. Matt Ball was holding a seminar run by Alex Kostic, who is a well know Systema Instructor and highly sort after around the world. AAMA has been privileged to hold seminars with Alex Kostic, that have now become a regular event at AAMA. In 2013 Marc was awarded The Wolf Pack –Fighting- Mass Attack – level 1 and currently holds regular Systema classes at AAMA. The fundamentals principle of Systema as an unarmed hand-to-hand combat system fit in well with the training philosophies of the instructors at AAMA.

Krav Maga

In 2014 AAMA held the second Instructors Training Course for BJMA Krav Maga in Victoria. This course was Delivered by the top Krav Maga Trainers in Australia at the time. With a big number of people coming form all over Australia.

Marc was awarded to the rank of 5th Degree Master by Soke Bob Jones at the end of the course.