Sensei Emrehan Goker

Senior Zen Do Kai Instructor

  • Began Training in Martial Arts: 1998
  • Types of Certifications:
    3rd Degree Black Belt - Zen Do Kai
    Bachelor of Nanotechnology and Applied Sciences, a double degree at RMIT University.
  • Awards:
  • Dream Job:

Full Biography

Sensei Emrehan has worked closely with Kyoshi Marc for over 10 years and began his martial arts training in Karate and Taekwondo in 1998.

Sensei says, "I found that Karate was too old fashioned for me and Taekwondo didn't provide much self defence training. When I began training with Kyoshi Marc, I immediately enjoyed what I was learning and many years later, am still learning."

"I enjoy teaching because true learning comes from teaching. I like seeing the students grow and mature through martial arts and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities."

Sensei Emrehan is passionate about Zen Do Kai and Systema and prefers systems that teach how to control a situation while standing, rather than have to take the fight to the ground. He continues to train for fitness and to develop his abilities and enjoys that no matter how much he thinks he knows, there is always so much more to learn and experience.

He continues to strive to better himself and his students and push them to be the best that they can be. He holds a First Aid Certificate and Working with Children Check.


Sensei Emrehan is a senior AAMA Zen Do Kai instructor and is responsible for:

  • Zen Do Kai - Intermediates
  • Zen Do Kai - Seniors